House Dance class

60 MIN House Dance Classes with Littlemilk


Class Description:

Each class is 60min long, starting with a warm up and followed by choreography.

Great for beginners, this class breaks down basic steps (like jacking, skating, chase, salsa hop, sidewalk, stomp, and shuffle step) to build a solid foundation that will allow students to move, groove, and freestyle to the music. Students will learn to dance in both free-flowing and syncopated movements to Funky House and Afro-Latin-infused rhythms and learn floor work such as lofting. Each week is a different routine.

Whether you want to learn a few moves or sweat and improve your style, I will do my best to get the best out of you. You can come anytime.

€7 – €10/Class

Cada classe durarà uns 60min. Començarem amb un escalfament i seguirem amb tota una coreografia.

Bo per a principiants. Aquestes primeres classes són el pas bàsic per entendre i ballar el jacking…….i construir així una sòlida base que us permetrà, d’una manera fluida i lliure, moure-us per tots els ritmes i estils al só de la música. Cada setmana serà una rutina diferent i molt amena.

Si vols aprendre uns quants moviments i a més millorar el vostre estil, us donaré el millor de mi per aconseguir el millor de vosaltres.

Us espero.