About the dancer

Introduce yourself

I am called Littlemilk, I’m born in Belgium. Today I live in Barcelona since a few years, before living in other city like London – Hong Kong – Puerto Rico of Gran Canarias to name only those. I teach House Dance for all levels at Dance Conventions, Dance schools, one on one or for groups. I participate in artistic events or collaborate on shows in Spain and elsewhere. Currently I am working on a project of theatrical show and the courses are for me a way to meet other dancer sharing the same passion and who want to express themselves through Movement.

What does Dance represent for you?

Dance is for me a means of communication but is also a way of meditating. You are constantly communicating with your inner self while practicing. In motion, my mind learns to better know my body so that it adapts to my physical demands and develops my senses in function. Dance is a kind of a narcissistic natural force that you adopted by love and she takes control of a part of your mind. She absorbs the movements observes around her and magazine those that seem natural and appropriate to the ideal she seeks. Then the mind experiences them, decants the movement and the body train to the desired effect. Mrs Dance always seeks to be more beautiful and will continue to incarnate bodies to possess them with the aim that they create more variants steps or to merge in order to magnify herself even more.

Since when have you been dancing?

I started dancing at my early age. I became a professional dancer at the age of 17 and since I live from it. So I’m a dancer. I have also learned to teach dance and since then I’m a dance teacher. It allows me to remain creative and to keep update knowing that the dance continues to evolve. Wanted to know more I start to travel to many countries to meet other dancers and learn more about the cultures that Mrs Dance created or generated on her path. I started with the Break-Dance, going through the styles that were invading the street at the time, Locking, Popping, Hip Hop and later House Dance. Of course, Dance keep growing and tries to keep up with the fast evolution of musical trends. Constantly in Learning mode I always remain looking for new combination, improved my dance fluidity and increase my ability to anticipate the melody for better musicality as we say in our street dancer’s jargon.

Where does House Dance come from?

House Dance, like most dances born in the United States, arrived to Europe through the media or from dance travelers. It is difficult to dissociate the history of dance from that of music, the music generally inspiring dance. Like Hip Hop, House Music inspired its own dance, House Dance. It developed in New York clubs in the 1980s and it reflect a rich mixture of steps from different roots: Salsa, Afro, tap dance … This dance is recognizable by being smooth and flowing. Different dances are at the origin. His main precursors were the Jacking ‘, the Footwork and the Lofting. In the New York club, the Jacking ‘was also called Hip-House in reference to Hip Hop dancers dancing on House Music …

Do you think you are a good teacher?

My point of view is not from the master to the student, but from the student to the student. The Dance is alive and will continue to evolve and therefore cannot be mastered. Consequently, I’m just a student passing to another student another way of seeing things.

Do you teach Freestyle?

Freestyle does not define the style of dance performed but its personal way of interpreting it. I do not teach Freestyle. It’s like asking a painter to teach you his own methods. It will teach you the different techniques and ways of combining them. It’s up to you to do what you want with your frame. The Dance cannot be painted but takes shape on a moment. A Movement, you see it then stops and disappears. Hope you saw it. I teach movements so that they are harmonious to viewers but especially to make you feel happy for a “Moment” that it is observed by others or for yourself alone in your room. Whether the music is live or in your imagination you feel good, at the right time. Whatever the style, Dance remains a path or a shortcut to joy or a moment of happiness.

I teach my students to find that path.

One Love